Start meeting new people with your interests, in person

A notification alerts all users who have common interests and provides them with distance, location and affinity percentage to facilitate a live, real-time meeting.



What is Nice2Me


A new way to interact

Nice2Me allows you to live new experiences, meet people, create groups and communities.


A live networking platform

Share your interests to meet LIVE many new friends near you.


To return to your life, better than before

Rediscover the pleasure of meeting people with your interests in person


Live more memorable experiences

  • Customize your profile with your interests
  • Join groups with your same interests
  • Attend events and surround yourself with like-minded, live people


Join the Nice2Me community and gain access to a world of benefits.


Automatic calculation based
your data and interests.


Easy information exchange to facilitate relationships.


Section open and available to participate in person.


Ability to save contacts when you miss a meeting.


Real-time messaging area


Free application available on every platform.

The basic functionality of Nice2Me will be free forever.



Our answers to your questions.

The Nice2Me app is available from the App Store and the Play Store

We are working to certify users as much as possible by providing direct contact with law enforcement.

Once you've downloaded the app, just enter your email and password. Then you can complete your profile with your interests to start meeting people like you.

The service is completely free of charge.

Your data is safe, we comply with GDPR and in case you are annoyed by a user.

  1. The app, through an automatic proximity alert, searches for the most related users within a 500m radius of your location..
  2. You can search off-line with a radius of 20km.
  3. With the groups (monothematic provincial rooms with chat in Bakeka and area to organize events) you can receive notifications when there is a new message or a new event.


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